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Monday, March 19, 2007

Stomach Bug Blues/ Bold Boston Bug!

It happened. Ellie started school and the Darwinian-like immune development process has begun. The stomach bug that is affecting most of Boston has landed on our shores. We spent Friday and Saturday in the hospital to keep Ellie hydrated because she could keep nothing down. On Saturday morning Dave and I both woke up with it in force. The hospital rushed us out because Ellie was better and they had us “under precaution”. Luckily Dave recovered much more quickly than me and was able to take care of Ellie who is still sick and keeping down only thin liquids. Sigh.

Don’t come to our house. You will get the bug. The visitors who had been gracing us with their amiable presence took the bug back to Dublin and Los Angles. I send my apologies to both fair cities.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, thanks for having us for the last week, was even worth the bug! Hope Ellie is back to her cute little self, Emily started playing with toys again this evening so hopefully we are finished with the "Bold Boston Bug" as daddy calls it :-) Marie xxx

Angela said...

Oh no! I am so very sorry to hear that the stomach bug got to you guys. I hope everyone is on the mend SOON. I'll keep Ellie in my thoughts!

Ryn Tales said...

Auntie Rie! I am so glad to hear that little Emily is on the mend. I love it "Bold Boston Bug". It is indeed. I am glad that you don't regret the visit as we had a blast with you and little Emmers and Auntie Sue.

Ellie is still sick tonight and not holding much in again. I fear we may land in the hospital tomorrow. Major bummer. Poor little Boo. Will keep you posted!

Angela, Thanks for the good thoughts - we surely need them. Hang in there yourself with the new Cranky Jack.


Anonymous said...

hey guys, greeting from auntie insomnia. am still not feeling great but am hopefully on the mend.gotta luv the "bold boston bug", think i may have lost a stone! hope ellie-boo is feeling better soon
luv yiz lots,
Auntie Sue

Ryn Tales said...

Hey Auntie Insomnia, you are not alone - I still feel like crap too and Ellie is struggling tonight. You need to get your stone back! Dave of course is totally fine contemplating his new flavor of Ben and Jerry's. I envy his constitution.

I hope you are feeling better soon,

Lots of love,
Your favorite sister in law

Jacqui said...

Master C had the dreaded vomiting bug that is going around here yesterday. It lasted for 15 painful hours! Thankfully, he hasn't shared it with the rest of the family yet. I hope Ellie feels better soon!


msiagirl said...

Get Better darlings!!!Wish I was there. We have had some bad bad viruses here too. Some cream in the post for recovering :)

Anonymous said...

Sadly there has been more vomiting here too, Emily woke up this morning and vomited again :( Poor little girl is very lethargic but she has drank 6ozs and kept it down so far, hopefully thats the end of the BBB. How is Ellie today? Love aunty rie

Ryn Tales said...

HI Auntie Rie, I am sorry to hear that sweet Emily is still sick. I am glad she held down the water. Ellie now has the Leons pretty badly and vomitted up her food last night. I just gave her an ounce of Pedialyte with her morning med and she has not vomitted yet. My fingers are crossed that she can keep the fluids down. I am goind to try her on Rice cereal per doctors orders if she is able to keep the fluids down....This bug sucks! Bold Boston Bug, Bold Boston Bug!

All my love to little Emily and thoughts for a speedy recovery. I am glad to hear you and hubby have so far been BBB free.


Anonymous said...

Dare I say it but I think Emily is finally on the mend. We gave up on the milk and gave her flat 7up instead, 12ozs later and no more vomits despite some nasty hiccups and lots of tummy gurgles. I was starting to get worried there for a bit, even called the hospital. She is crashed out on the fatboy at the moment looking as cute as ever. Hope Ellie is better, she looks happy in her latest picture. Hope she is not missing us too much! Give her some hugs and kisses from us. Love Auntie Rie

Ryn Tales said...


I am glad to hear your and little Emily did not land in the hospital. Go Emily drinking 12 ozs! It seems like there is a stage two to this nasty BBB - the leons. But they seem to be more mild than the stage 1 leons.... sorry to be graphic but thought I would let you know. Hopefully Emily is done and you and Alan stay free and clear of the BBB.

Ellie has been sleeping all day on and off. In between I have been giving her pedi and rice cereal. After I do she gets so tired and back to sleep. But no vomits today - hurray!!!

Love to you all,