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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Java Boycott - Day 2

OK - so it turns out that not only do I have to quit caffeine but I have to get everyone else on board. I am wayyyyyyy deep into the coffee culture and that culture is hanging on tight. sniff, sniff....

First of all the Gods of Java are in bed with the Gods of No Sleep and they all got together last night and came over. Yep - I spoke too soon, Ellie was up for half the night and of course it was the night before I had to take the first half of my sign language final exam. I believe the name of this half of the test is titled, "How to look like an idiot in under 2 seconds flat" which is translation for having to sign an entire song in front of the entire class. rrrrr (Actually learning to sign a song is a great way to increase your sign language vocabulary and kind of fun. It's just the having to sign it and act it out in front of others that bites.) I did my main practicing while driving back and forth to pick Ellie up. People are so rude to stare at me like that! Haven't they seen sign language before?! Sheesh.

But I digress. So I was up half the night because even if Dave goes in, I can still hear her and can't sleep the difference is I can at least not get a huge crick in my neck and now I owe him the whole week of nights, which is how I got him to go in and take last night. See the marital dynamics?! It's all one big fat negotiation after the next. Alas, it works and we are happy and if the GNS are here for the rest of the week I am so screwed.

OK, OK - can you tell I have had some caffeine!? So up half the night, big test looming at 10am. But just the same I did gear down and only have a cup of Barry's tea this morning. I get to school just fine and am feeling pretty good. I drop Ellie off and head off to the diner I always go to in the hour I have to cool my heals before class. They have the BEST pancakes in Boston and I can get two strips of beacon, a large pancake, one egg over easy, bottomless cup of coffee and a small OJ for under $7. And they don't mind that I sit there and frantically practice my signs to brush up before class. The waitress is really sweet and one of those people that can call you honey and it is a nice thing. Usually I walk in and I say, "Hi!" to her and the guys behind the breakfast bar at the fryer. She says, "Hi honey." and brings over my coffee and OJ. 5 minutes after that my breakfast appears. You see the problem? So with the hot steaming cup of brown gold right under my nose, I thought, OK, because I have this sign language test I will just drink half a cup. But after my pancake was demolished she came over and filled my cup up again with coffee!

What am I going to do? I am going to have to admit I am jumping off the java bandwagon. Next Tuesday I will have to say, "Hi, just OJ today please, trying to quit." I hope she understands.

Sigh. This might be harder than I thought!


Bird said...

I had a similar situation trying to give up sodas. No sooner did I mentally decide to give them up then my dad gifted me with a twelve pack of my favorite--Diet Rite. It's hard to find and he saw it at the store, so he bought it for me.

Gradual is definitely the way to go. I fall off that wagon all the time and then have to get myself back on. I hope to have other children, so I can't just keep drinking the stuff forever.

Jacqui said...

Sorry, I am not giving up coffee with you. Your on your own with this one. Maybe one day when the Gods of No Sleep start picking on someone else. But until that day. . .

Nope. No way. Nada.

The coffee stays.

So, how did the exam go?

Kathryn said...

Bird - see you have the same problem - everyone is used to you being a soda drinker!

Jacqui - don't worry I don't expect anyone else to give it up - just me. By getting everyone else on board I meant all the people lovingly throwing coffee at me all day including hubby and said waitress!

The exam went ok - I missed a couple of signs but it's over. The more difficult part will be next Tuesday when I have to interpret sentences and whole paragraphs...

I really hope the GNS leave your house too!

Jacqui said...

Good luck for next week. It sounds really hard.

Can't you tell that the mere thought of giving up coffee sends me running!

Nelba said...

I guess next Tuesday is today? Hope it went well.

And by the way, if you were signing if Ellie wasn't in the car you were technically talking to yourself. Something I do all the time. And people stare at me too. Rude.

Maybe you won't be able to do anything about it, but I'd rather tell you than not: Often your blog does not load or loads so slowly that either my server gives up or I do. And so I'm not getting my Ryntales fix as often as I want to which makes me a very grumpy person... No idea why, though, because most other sites load fairly fast. :-( I'll see once we get up and running from home if it improves.