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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fair Play to Her

OK - so am feeling better since Friday when I returned to my cool as a cucumber Ellie. In fairness she was really tired and in the middle of her dinner/video/go all around the house routine (don't ask) when I returned. But on Saturday, all she wanted was mama. I was there when she woke up because I am still on UK time and she was delighted. When Dave would pick her up she would want to come to me. She wanted to play every mama and Ellie activity and each one only once and for a shortened time. It was as if she wanted a little taste of all the little jokes and games, songs, and books we do together because she had not had them for one week. So, especially in light of Sarai's comment on my last post, I can see she did miss me in her own way and that is fine.

Once again, Parenting, i.e. the ultimate exercise in getting one's head out of their own dark places and seeing someone else as they are, not as I would be. Lovely exercise really, ongoing as it is and as hard as it is a times.... ;-)

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