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Monday, February 09, 2009

Time for Toilet Training

I hate making equipment orders ever since a very junior PT in 2003 ordered a adaptive chair and a stander that were way too big for Ellie and having it take 6 months and lots of phone calls and waiting on hold to correct it, I am wary of making equipment orders. If you screw it up you are simply screwed. And it's Ellie who misses out. So I have been delaying ordering her a potty seat. And I know my delay has probably been as long as it would have taken to correct a bad order. Bad mama!

Ellie can't sit very well on her own so I need something that will hold her up while I help her clean up so she doesn't fall. I like the idea of a low to the ground stand alone seat because I remember sitting on the edge of the adult toilet as a 2 year old being petrified to fall off. Yes. I actually have many memories that far back. I also like the idea of her having her own separate seat from a germaphobe perspective.  Lastly, I like the low to the ground seat because she can practice sitting down on it and standing up from it. An Ellie size seat might feel more fun like a toy versus any thing that is threatening.

Any suggestions? What has worked for your child in this matter?

Any thoughts you want to share will be MUCH appreciated! I need to get off the fence and get this going. It's time. Ellie's ready and I have to get ready too. Easier said than done. Not sure why I am dreading this but I am.


Anne said...

works great, can be taken off and folded,
can be used as a shower chair,


sarai said...

my son was under 3 when he trained himself (there was no way to train him to do anything, way too stubborn), so in order to make him want to, I shamelessly exploited all his fav male role models. We spent a lot of time talking about how fireman and policeman and paramedics and daddies and daddy firemen etc. etc. ALL used the potty EVERYTIME they needed to go. I'm not sure this would work with a six year old, she might see through it......

Kathryn said...

Anne - you rock - thanks so much!! That's just the kind of information I am looking for!

Sarai - I am happy for you that your son trained himself. You are the fifth person who has told me a "he/she trained themselves" story since I started my quest for knowledge and courage in this vista.

Anonymous said...


Is it possible to get reps from the companies to bring the equipment to your home for Ellie to see before you have to place and order? That's common practice in the UK (and yes, different system, much smaller country!) and I can only imagine how nerve-wracking it must be to have no recourse to exchange or refund. Which isn't to say things don't get royally screwed up here too!

My daughter needs a lot of trunk support and is very slim, so she'll be using a wheel-over R82 Flamingo chair at home, which can also be used as a commode. Handy for potty-training. She'll use a Seahorse seat at school. You can order variable levels of supportive attachments for a number of the chairs I've looked at.
You might find this link has some ideas:

Good luck.


Anonymous said...

at work, we use the rifton bluewave potty system. it has numerous attachments that can be taken on/off as the child needs. while i think it sits pretty close to the ground where her feet could touch the ground (not sure - you can ask), it can be adjusted high enough to fit OVER the toilet seat (or perm. mounted to a toilet). i like the over-the-toilet idea so you don't have to clean out the bucket that sits under the potty seat. :)

its super adjustable, grows with the child (i've had kids using the same toilet seat for 4+ years - from EI into schoolage).

typically, if you contact rifton, they'll send you a ton of info, sometimes a video and answer any and all questions you might have.

good luck!