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Monday, February 22, 2010

Illigitemus non carborundum est

Ellie is in the midst of another migraine. The bad kind - where you puke and then are just in agony or are in agony first...etc. She woke up at 4:30am last night rigid in pain. Her feet had such violent clonis (tremors) that I couldn't get it to stop. The Tylenol did nothing but the Motrin did. For the first time I gave her Zofran after she couldn't keep her rice milk down. I was in Mama Warrior mode. Ellie has just gained back the 6 pounds she lost and I was like, "I am NOT going down like that." And whipped out the Zofran which I am now a fan of (it's an anit-nausea med). Twenty minutes after receiving it she asked for applesauce. Though she ate very little, she kept it down and was able to eat after a couple of hours and keep it down. No more abdominal migraine weight loss at least.

Her temp has been struggling not to climb so I am on Tylenol/Motrin watch all night. Her timing is perfect as Dave is away on business. Sigh.

I wish I knew what the trigger was. There are triggers for migraines right? Maybe I am just looking for some mythical point of control.

Last week was school vacation and Ellie had a blast and slept well. It was low key but great to get to have so much time with her during the day in our sunny home. Her latest obsession is the iPhone. I taught her to sign i phone and it's the first thing she wants in the morning and last thing at night. We make videos and take pictures of her toys. We take videos of people she loves doing fun things they do with her to make her laugh. So what's not to like? It's a good bargaining chip too to get her to do other things, like her math homework!

She is also into They Might Be Giants. That's right TMBG for all of you who were fans of them in the 80's they now do kids music. Ellie's favorite and only TMBG cd is "Here come the ABC's". She is also obsessed with this which is a very welcome change to Signing Time and Baby Einstein - not that those are totally out - but very much in the shade. Yay.

Warning, parental side effects include: incessant humming of Flying V's and "F is for fun!" and wanting to "Go, go, go for G!". The tunes are very catchy. If you don't believe me, check it out here.

It's really nice to see her enjoying two new things that are less baby-like. Her interests are beyond what her motor control will let her do so she still plays with toys she has had for 5 years in some cases. They comfort her and the way she plays with them changes...but still. I am hoping that the iPad will one day include a camera. It's the perfect size for Ellie. At least it looks like it is. The iPhone is great but a little on the small side for viewing. I am wondering if she has gotten eye strain from it and that is what caused this latest migraine episode.

Also, to those of you out there saying they iPad is for grandmas, I have a few comments.
1. Get your head out of your butt and realize that saying that is derogatory to women.
2. It's a truly amazing piece of equipment. For proof go here (warning - you may be convinced and you may laugh because this guy is hilarious).
3. Apple are one of the only big computer companies working actively (have a designated team) on assistive technology for the disabled. I support that and so should you! Assistive technology is the access point to the world for Ellie and other's with similar issues.


Candace said...

I am right there with ya, sister. We have alreay started setting aside some money for the iPad. I am dying to get my hands on that thing for Faith!

Katy said...

My husband's migraines are usually triggered by alcohol or chocolate, but excessive eye strain can bring on some aura. I'm not sure if this would help you guys, but at the onset of symptoms he does a neck stretching routine that really helps minimize the effects. Also, there was a particular protin shake that he stopped drinking b/c he thought it *might* be a trigger.

TMBG--I've heard recommendations from other parents about their DVD series. I will def have to check it out. Charlie is a Signing Time Addict, but I'm sensing that he might need a change of pace. Perhaps TMBG is it.

Anonymous said...

We also are looking forward to the ipad. There is a application you can put on your iphone Proloquo2go it turns your ipod into an AAC & its not expensive. My little one loves it very easy to use.

Anonymous said...

I hope you win the Voice4u at ParkerMomma's. -If you don't decide to purchase it yourself - only $30. I don't know the price of Proloquo2go, but I expect it is worth checking-out. Any touch-screen technology on a regular pc should work for Ellie.

Everything that Katy said about migraines is consistent with my experience (except for the protein drink). (It's only red wine tannins (sp?) that are a trigger, but that wouldn't be an issue for a child. The neck stretches are particularly absent when you read about migraines - an orthopedic or postural trigger. A professional ('course I think a PT) would need to help you figure out using that path to prevent migraines. I am very particular about who I let mess with my neck!

Also meaningful from my experience is hydration with corresponding levels of salt, potassium and calcium.

Thank goodness you were able to break her out of it. Barbara

Billie said...

We LOVE TMBG and are driving 4 hours to see them in 2 weeks! So excited. The only damper on my excitement is that Eden can only have one companion in accessible seating, so we can't sit together as a family:(

Also can't wait for the Ipad, and are planning to get one for Eden. John is a programmer, and is already researching some ideas for apps he can write for her to be able to use it for writing at school....

Love keeping up with Ellie! Hope she is feeling better now.