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Monday, October 04, 2010

Pain in the Back

Ellie came home from school early today in a lot of pain in her back. I am not sure how this happened and of course have been wracking my brain scouring every positional memory I have of her over the last week. It's her lower back and she can't lie flat on her back without a lot of pain. It hurts her to sit too. She constantly keeps moving to try to shift her weight and find a comfortable place. It's hard and she is in pain - which is not good.

7 years old with a hurt back. That's just wrong.


Cheryl said...

13 with a bad back is just as bad. That's when it started with me. So bad one day I broke down it tears. It's a spastic CP thing. Muscle relaxants help when I have a flair up but they aggravate my mood instability (I have a psyc disability too) so I must use them sparingly.

What really helped get it under control in the beginning were twice weekly massage therapy appts over the course of a year or so. I don't know how my mom found someone where we lived that got the CP muscle thing, but she was AMAZING. Since I moved I've found it's not so easy to find someone who gets it like she did. It's also EXPENSIVE and not covered by insurance.

I was doing it as part of post surgery rehab at the time (11 years ago) and it is also a really good augmentative tool to PT. Helped a lot with ROM and elongating my muscles. If I could afford it on my teeny tiny budget (to old for mom to pay) I'd still go & hunt down someone.

Cheryl said...

Oh yeah, and 2 years ago when my mood instability started aggravating my spasticity issues to the point where I was crying again, botox in my perispinal muscles (low/mid back) REALLY helped. It's unfortunate that I have to continue botox as botox is cheaper then massage. Covered by insurance vs not covered by insurance. Where's the logic in that?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this has been resolved by now. Pain from organs is often referred to the back. So difficult to resolve in a child. Barbara

Kim Briggs said...

For temporary relief of lower back pain, the only thing that always works for me is having my spine totally flat (no pillow), but putting pillows under my calves, so that my knees make a 90 degree angle.