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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween in all its glory

This year Halloween was especially fun. Dave and I got to go to a costume party the Saturday night before where we looked like this. Alert Fug Reporters Heather and Jessica! We were supposed to be 70’s hep cats. But I am not sure that neon velveteen polyester was available in the 70’s. I’m waffling back and forth but I think I might like Dave better as a brunette, something about those chops. Ooolala! Going to a party (thanks to Kelly who was able to come and look after Ellie) made me nostalgic for my LA days. It was excellent to find myself among adults, albeit, adults dressed as dreadlock wearing pimps, toga toting Caligula’s, pirates in breeches and pro wrestlers to name a few. It was great to get out and about and see through a glass darkly a life that was mine when I in LA. It was good to remember more carefree times.

But what made this year especially fun was that Ellie was way into it. Maybe it was because it was a very warm night and she napped for three hours. Although, at the first sight marauding Jedi’s and X-Men she insisted on being carried from house to house. From Dada’s strong arms she had a great time looking at everyone she saw. We figured out that if I held a candy in each hand she would pick one. There was a night bird in a tree making a thwack, thwack sound that she also thought was hilarious. She also made it through the entire street and round the corner to the little side street. In past years after 3 houses the excitement of it all got the better of her and it was time to go home.

Our little warrior princess is certainly much stronger and looking beyond herself at the outside world these days, which is one more blessed developmental milestone. In sum, it was the best Halloween ever.

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