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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pictoral Update / Bits and Bobs

Ellie rediscovering the swing at New School with a smile.

Mama/Auntie Rie and Sweet Cousin Emily visiting Boston

Ellie wanting a snuggle with Auntie Rie and helping to look after Cousin Emily

Ellie on the mend today. ;-)


Danielle said...

RYC: Glad to make you laugh. LOL You should have heard the one where the guy aked me to...(cover Ellie's eyes...squeeze his nipples. Oh to be a medical student ;)

Ellie is always dressed so cute, btw. I am slightly jealous of her waredrobe. :)

Ryn Tales said...

Danielle - yes I really enjoy your blog. I hope you keep writing it even after you are done with medical school.

Oh - so not laughing at your expense but GAWWWWDDD! So yuck. Would this not want to make you specialize in peds?!

I am jealous of Ellie's wardrobe too. She has the best on in the house, which is her house incidentally, her car, etc. you get the idea.


Anonymous said...

We have that couch! Did you get that at Eastman Interiors in LA? I love that couch- so comfy!

Dimitra Daisy said...

Can I just say how much I love Ellie's socks in that first photo? Prettiest socks in the world. They make me smile every time.

Blue / Kay Olson said...

I totally want those socks. Great pics.

Ryn Tales said...

Fashinista and furniture credits:

The couch is Jennifer Convertibles, LA

The strippy tights are payless. Unfortunatly they don't make em larger than girls 8-10 otherwise I would have bought several pairs myself.

And one question for Danielle - so did you?


Ryn Tales said...

Typo - Fashionista (the o on my computer doesn't always work...)