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Thursday, August 23, 2007

the 21st Disability Blog Carnival is UP!

Move Over Letterman, there's a new David in town.
David has posted the latest Disability Blog Carnival comprised of many top 10 lists. It's a great idea for a carnival and David has done a GREAT job of organizing it.

I have to go now - lots of thought provoking, funny, deep top 10 lists to read. Enjoy!


Danielle said...

Your friendly future Pedi Rehab Doc has got a question for you! If you get a chance, can you shoot me an e-mail at anikaMD(at)msn(dot)com?

Anonymous said...

Hi- I spoke with Kapitula today about energy healing for your kid. She doesn't know anyone in New England, but said to please email her at with a summary of your child's issues, esp. seizure issues/types, etc.

She would, with your permission, post that to the professional board she is on of people who do roshi. She also gave me her ( and one other person's website ( because they are both known for distance healings.

The 2nd is an Ethiopian guy who does deathbed/drastic healings. People fly him out from all over the US, but you can get distance healing (now I am out there and have no idea if you'd go for that but it does exist and I've done it for my kid). The logic (?) is that energy is free flowing and not spatial.

There is also a call coming in today from another person so cross my fingers they know someone. At least everyone is being responsible- if they find someone, it will be someone great.

Anonymous said...

I got the name!!!! Here is the energy healer in Boston-

Linda 781-642-9390
617-513-4811 (cell)

YAY :-) Best wishes!

Lisa said...

So, no pressure or anything and hope everyone is well and rested up, but just wanted to tell you...


Look forward to an appearance sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

One more name-

Acupuncture in Boston- Kiko Matsumoto.

My acupuncturist didn't have the #. I checked on the internet and she's all over the place, but couldn't find a # either. She is in Boston.

She is quite old and people travel from all over to train with her. She is supposed to be one of the best in the US (our acc is an MD who went to Boston for advanced training with her).

What my acc. said is that it will take approx. 3 years of treatment because each medication slows down the body's movement (inner) and ability to heal itself. Probably 3x week for a year, to 1x week in the last year. She believes, from my briefest of summaries, that after that she would be seizure free for life.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Just wondering how Ellie is? And wanting to know that everything is okay with you!