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Sunday, September 09, 2007

All About Ellie

Picture description: Dave and Ellie making the most of the bad weather we encountered on our brief vacation.
It's been busy.
Now that I am off the crutches and possess an internal clock set to the school year cycles I have been making up for lost time. As a result, getting loads done but not blogging. So this post goes out to Lisa and all of you who are missing my warrior princess. Apologies to all when I said I would post a picture of her every day. Once again Dooce shows me how it's harder than it looks.
It's been all doctors appointments and therapy and paperwork getting Ellie into school. So today, just pictures with short descriptions. More thorough update this week. Thanks to everyone for your input on alternative therapies - especially the anonymous reader who actually gave me a contact name and number after much travail to get it. I will be calling them this week.

Picture description: The giving tree - probably over 250 years old in Old Saybrook, CT

Picture description: We got to the beach a good few times this year. Ellie LOVES the waves and her tent as does every other little 4 year old around. Very cute.

Picture description: Dave and Ellie apple picking

Picture description:
Ellie greeting Mary Ann, her PT, on the first day of her first full year of school. Very exciting! And she did very well.


Jacolyn said...

Glad you're back! I've missed your posts!

Katy said...

Hi. I saw on the Yahoo! cerebral palsy moms group that you had done research into stem cells. You said it didn't seem safe enough. I was wondering what information you had, since I'm having trouble finding more that brief articles. Have you found information from anyone who's had the procedure done? I would love it if you would e-mail me.

Kathryn said...

Jacolyn - thanks! Me too!

Katy - please send me your email address to

Safety regarding going to china for stemcells in multifasceted issue. Safe in that I am not comfortable taking my child, who has seizures every now and then that are getting increasingly more difficult to stop to a place where I don't understand the language nor the emergency medical system. Safe in that I make Ellie most of her own food and am not sure how that will play out there as you have to go for more than a month. Also, we have been following the blogs of several people that have gone for this treatment and I have to say we are not impressed by the results - yet.

If you send me an email I can send you a link to those blogs. Also, one of the other moms in the CP group has the links to the place in china that does the treatment - you might want to ask the cp moms group on the whole what they think.

The safety of the procedure itself is not totally clear to me either. God forbid we go there and do the treatment and something bad happens to Ellie. This is not a case where you want to be an early adopter. She is such a wonderful amazing kid - I would not be able to live with myself if I brought her for this treatment and it caused her harm. Since I can rule that out, we wait.

catherine said...

Been missing you and Ellie. Glad you've updated :)