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Friday, August 17, 2007

First Time in Kiddie Pool

We have already put our booster seat to good use. This was Ellie's first time in the kiddie pool. She loved it though did not stay in it for long because it was a little chilly. Then she wanted to sit on my lap and push the boat in the pool as well as sing the 5 little ducklings song with the help of mama and baby duck. I had spread out a towel by the pool as well and she indicated that she wanted to lay down on that so we did and she was just delighted to be outside on this great summer day. I showed her the sky and the clouds for the first time teaching her those signs.


Anonymous said...

aww bless. she just gets cuter and cuter every day. am loving the daily pics :) keep them coming.

luv, hugs and kisses,
auntie sue sue

Lisa said...

What a lovely day! I'm glad she enjoyed herself!

Kellie said...

I love the pool pics! It looks like Ellie enjoyed her short swim and is doing great in the new booster seat. I can just picture her kicking her feet in the pool while sitting on your lap with baby duck and signing along to Five Little Ducklings.

Billie said...

Very Cool! I love the pictures and I'm glad to hear that you and Ellie got to spend a little time outside enjoying the summer.

And a tip based on our experiences... The Benik is great for the pool, especially because it helps keep Eden warm:)

Dream Mom said...

She looks so pretty in the pool! It's great to see her enjoying herself!

Anonymous said...

I love all the new piccies. She looks so intelligent in the ones of her in the booster. I bet if they ever find the right communication board/computer/device for her, she'll have ALOT to say. I'm glad she's making progress with signs. I know with one special needs child I worked with signs did not work well because she did not have the motor planning/perceptual skills to use them so I switched to a board with enlarged photos of her things. This was a little girl who the staff thought didn't understand anything and it was PHYSICAL issues which kept her from using signs. I wonder if Ellie could someday use something with an enlarged keyboard so she could spell her thoughts/requests.

Kathryn said...

Hi Everyone,

We are certainly expanding our boundaries in terms of what we can do these days and Ellie is really enjoying it! She is in another growth spurt brain and body - so it's great.

Billie - I think I am going to order a Benik. There are just too many pluses to it and the hard spinal orthosis - in a word -sucks! But she could use the support and the warmth. That's one thing about preemies - not much tolerance to cold.

Laura- that is an amazing story. It's great you found a way to get through to her. I really, REALLY think that people should give everyone else the benefit of the doubt towards being more intelligent than less - especially if they can't speak!

We have used pictures with Ellie to make choices for 3 years now and she does very well with them. She is trying to sign back but she has to do a great deal of motor planning to sign back - it's really hard for her. We are looking at large key key boards now for the computer - because she can type into it on my keyboard if I steady her hand.

It will be great if she can find a
"voice" in this sense. She is also vocalizing a great deal and I would give my eye teeth for her brain to wire up enough to be able to pronounce those darn difficult consonents.

Patience is an art I work on all the time!

msiagirl said...

Hey darling, so nice to get a chance to catch up on your blog and see all these beautiful pics of Ellie - looking so grown up and chubby and full of life and things to tell you. Back to the jury week and then another week at home before back to school, and that is the end of summer! Whoa!

Miracles said...

Kathryn, I just love seeing her like this. I can't believe this is her first pool experience. She looks like a pro to me. Keep up the GREAT work!!

Anonymous said...

I think a keyboard would be a great idea for Ellie. I know in the case of the little girl at the daycare signing was holding her back as with her motor planning skills it took her almost a month to partially master one sign and with the photos she learned the system in a day. I think Ellie likely cognitivly understands a lot more than what her motor skills will allow her to sign.

With my Asperger syndrome, I have some problems with copying/imitating gestures so I have a bit of personal experience wiith motor planning issues. When I tried to learn sign in one of my education courses, I had a great deal of difficulty. I'm a very auditory/verbal learner who is blessed with strong language skills.

I wonder if with Ellie (since she has good comprehension skills) if you could verbalize to her how to make the signs (break them down into steps). Also, physically moving a child's hand into the positions helps reinforce things in a child with motor planning issues.

Maureen said...


Just to let you know that Ellie's sweater is on its way to you today (I plan to go to the post office at lunchtime today). Let me know when it you receive it and post a picture when you can.

Love, Maureen