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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Birthday Songs, Christmas presents and Uncle Eamonn

Ellie has been having a great month despite her continuously casted feet. She is sleeping better and I actually know why and am working on a nutritional post to discuss. But for now here are some pics of her latest adventures in 3BT Style:

1. Ellie's fourth fifth birthday party - the kid party at home. She had a blast. Two of her classmates and her neighborhood friends came. There was singing in circle which is her favorite, a caterpillar cake and lots of laughs. (*For all of you bakers out there - don't forget the crumb layer. You know what I mean. Why I think I can frost a cake as well as I can bake and sculpt them is beyond me. Because truly, I suck at frosting cakes! Look, his purple antenna fell off. Oh well.)

2. Ellie opens presents. That is one small sentence that represents oh so much. First - her sensory aversiveness to touching unfamiliar things is so much better that she actually enjoyed opening presents!! She was actually ripping off the wrappings with gusto. Once she got to the present she wasn't so interested but hey, gotta start somewhere. Christmas is here and this is one of its blessings not lost on me.

3. Uncle Eamonn rearranged his schedule to swing by Boston in order to see is first niece. It was a great visit as Uncle Eamonn always makes Ellie laugh. He looks a little rough in this picture from the long journey from Madrid.


Anonymous said...

She's such a beautiful kid.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and your positive attitude to life. It is children like Ellie and their desire to communicate that encourage me to continue to fight for my dream to be a researcher in communication methods for children with severe disabilities.