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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Black Arm Bands for Brent Martin

David, over at Chewing the Fat, has alerted his readers to this hideous case of violence against a man with an intellectual disability. You can read the detailed story of what happened here. Needless to say, this greatly saddens me. Ellie has an intellectual disability as well as physical ones. I know the world is not a safe place. But being silent about violence like this is as good as condoning it. I for one will be wearing a black arm band next week.

Acts of violence against the disabled are not ok. I protest. I am angry about this. I want to alert as many people as I can.

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Dave Hingsburger said...

Thank you for blogging about Brent, I saw the black ribbon with his name on it, did you design that. Some have been asking for one for their blog, how would others get ahold of it, how would I get ahold of it, it's wonderful. If it's possible for others to use, please leave a comment on Chewing the Fat letting people know about it. Thanks again, Dave