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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Everyone Must Do Tummy Time

From left to right: Diplodocus Ellie, Froggie, Warrior Princess Ellie, Maisy, and Tigger. You can see Ellie using her "weemote". That is actually what it is called.


The Hull Munchkins said...

Cute pic of Ellie with her "friends." Don't you wish tummy time were more exciting for them?! Abby is none too thrilled about it.

Tiffany and Jason said...

I love this photo! Ellie looks so grown up these days. So adorable with all her "buddies" I can hear the sounds effects all the way from Wisconsin. Jason still sings "Signing Time" every now and then. You really taught me the importance of tummy time. I'm going to try to be just as motivated to do it with our little one. Give my love to Ellie.
- Tiffany