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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The politics of gender

The politics of gender are a huge force in this election. The force that is putting Hillary most in the spotlight or petri dish of scrutiny. And that is a sad thing.

Here is an article that sums up a great deal of what is going on very well.

Back to the normal programming tomorrow. This year I have vowed to get educated on all the candidates and of course, blogging is going to be a part of my endless need to talk to myself in public. Bear with me.

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Rick said...

Flying alot I see people take the wheel chair to the plane door, where an attendant/gate agent then takes it back and the person goes into and onto the plane by other means. So the wheelchair gets you to the plane but usually not on it. ON the rare occasion where I have seen someone who had to be helped onto or off the plane, they board it before or with first class, and leave after everyone is off. What to do on the plane for getting to the bathroom, etc. I don't know. You and Dave may be carrying her till she gets too big for that...
Hope this helps,