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Saturday, January 05, 2008

We're not going on a bear hunt again...

Dontcha love this book?! The link to it is in the lines below or you can go here and see the man himself recite it on you tube - definitely worth the viewing. Ellie loves this book. Thanks to Lena for getting it for her - hours of fun, and I do mean hours!

The last line of the book in particular (also the header of this post) describes perfectly how I feel right now. In the book the family optimistically and enthusiastically goes out on a bear hunt and it starts off well enough:

"We're going on a bear hunt,
we're gonna catch a big one!
What a beautiful day.
We're not scared!"

Then they encounter progressively tougher travails until finally they meet the bear who then chases them all the way back, through all the same travails, until they get to their house narrowly escaping his claws and everyone burrows under the covers together for like a year.

Yep, that's me, blogging to you from under a huge pink comforter with Dave and Ellie each doing their thing. We're just not leaving the bed for awhile. It was that kind of trip.

We are all in one piece though all of us sick as dogs. No bears or lions or tigers either, mostly. Will fill you in on the details in the near, near future as I need to pick the brains of you moms and dads and persons with bodies like Ellie's who have survived a little longer on this path than me. It is clear to me that we are at a turning point with Ellie and disability and access. Sigh. No one likes change, right? But for the moment, it's all about burrowing under the covers, tending our wounds, regaining our health, and our courage to brave another day.

We are surely not going on a bear hunt again!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathryn,

Great book. I learned a song very similar to that when I was a little girl with a few changes. It is a great song and one that I love to sing and my kids loved to sing/act out with me when they were little. A funny difference was that when I learned it was "What's that's up ahead?" and you would put your hand over your eyebrows and look around. The obstacles were different too - more hand noises thru sticks (snapping fingers) and through the grass (rub hands together) and running away from the bear (slapping your hands on your legs). I will definitely sing it for Ellie when and if I come to visit, along with some others like "Barney Google" and "Went to the Animal Fair". Probably faster/better for me to make a recording - but wanted you to have those noises/motions to add to the book if you like. Glad to hear that you are back home - stay warm under the covers and I hope to hear from you soon.


Emma said...

(((hugs))). If you want to pick my brain about these things privately drop me an e-mail... you know I've ALWAYS got an opinion about these things!! Hope you get your moxy back soon. Love, Emma xx

Anonymous said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon.

I love that book too!

Danielle said...

Glad you are back safe and sound!

Interested in your next post.

And I hope to see some pics ::wink::: when you get a chance

Wasn't Ellie scared of this book when I was visiting? I thought it made her cry? Guess she got over it lol

Rest up,

Kathryn said...

Maureen - I like the California take on it! You are welcome to visit any time!!! I would love to see you and have you get to play with Ellie. She is so much healthier now than when you saw her. I hope you had a nice holiday!

Emma- I may take you up on that because I have loads of questions.

Thanks Jacqui!

Danielle - see how fast she changes! ha ha. She was just giving you the new comer scrutiny. Hope you had a great holiday.

BusyLizzyMom said...

Welcome Home. I hope you guys are feeling better soon. I too loved that book, I will have to look for it from Elizabeth.
I am still waiting for an update on Ellie's feet and if she is accomplishing anything new since her surgery. Has she gotten farther than the bathroom?

Shannon said...

I hope that you are all feeling better soon! We were lucky to be sick at home.

Now-I can't tell you how excited I am that you posted this link because I learned the "chant" as a child and could never get that rhythm to mesh with the words in the book (which I bought because I love the "as a child" chant). I can't wait to try again with it in the morning.

Anonymous said...


sorry to hear u guys are still sick :( if it makes you feel better.....its spreading through the irish contingency too.

talk soon,
luv yiz

Aunty Sue

Rob at Kintropy said...

Hope you all feel better. I know my brother and I chased down a couple of versions of this book (from the song) for his son recently.

On the experience side, we're probably following behind you (Hannah turns four in March). We'll keep watching your blog to see what you, Dave, and Ellie figure out along the way.