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Wednesday, May 02, 2012


I passed my dissertation defense today  - May 1st, 2012.  I did it! I earned my PhD. ;-)
Thanks to everyone for their support and kindness about this.  It was a looooonnnnnggg haul.   So D-Day turned into May Day but no may-day needed! ;-)

I am a bit punchy at the moment as I didn't really sleep before the defense and I am on Boston time in Los Angeles where my school is.   Ellie made me a card to take with me.  She used her voice to tell her teacher what to write.  Here is what she wrote, "Hi Mommy, I love you. Wow!  Love Ellie"

I love it, "Wow! "   As usual Ellie get's it totally right.  She's such a great kid.

Now that this burden that I have lived with for so long is gone I can move forward. The huge thorn in my side is gone.  This was a big dream for me - I can't quite wrap my head around it that I did it?!  The defense went nothing like I thought it would be either. I was prepared for really hard technical questions about the statistics or the research design, etc. But it was fine and fun and and my committee spent almost one hour talking to me about how I could publish and venues to present the results. Great coaching session. Having the degree opens up a lot of opportunities - which is a really good thing considering how I will have to work until I die because I want to make sure Ellie is taken care of.

But right now I just want to go to sleep because I am so tired after the last few months of being up until 2am most days working on my dissertation.  Which is now done?! It's amazing. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Congratulations!

Eithne said...

Congratulations! Enjoy your freedom!

Barbara TherExtras said...

BIG congratulations, Kathryn!

I remember that day for myself well - a wonderful feeling!

I look forward to reading more after you have some rest.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you! What an inspiration you are. A dream deferred is... not always a dream denied, you've just proved it. Hooray! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Jennifer Shoemaker

Anonymous said...

Congrats Kathryn, PhD! I stop in from time to time just to read about Ellie and see how big she is getting..... She is so precious! Jennifer Shoemaker